Dr. George Caldwell was recently featured in an article entitled “The Drug Digging Holes, Opiods, and the worst drug crisis in American History” and the full article can be found by following the link in the footnotes of this post.

An excerpt from the article showcases Dr. Caldwell’s commitment to this crisis, “Researchers and policymakers in South Florida are desperately trying to prevent the next death. Dr. George Caldwell is one of them. The shelves of his office in Fort Lauderdale are filled with books about orthopedic surgery and autographed Miami Dolphins gear.  He was the team physician for 20 years, tending to some of the most valuable knees and elbows in America. Since retiring from the NFL in 2016 he spends his days trying to solve a small component of the opioid epidemic.

To ward off acute pain following rotator cuff surgery, patients typically take upward of 80 opioid tablets. Caldwell developed a way to treat pain that requires almost no post-op opioid if any.”

You can read the full article on page 42 of the Fort Lauderdale Magazine.

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