Financial Information & Arrangements

As a service to our patients, prior to the day of the procedure, we will provide an estimate of the surgery center fees and patient responsibility (coinsurance, copayments, or deductible amounts) you will be required to pay prior to or on the day of your surgery. Failure to resolve payment issues before the date of surgery could possibly result in the postponement of your surgery. The surgery center’s fees are based on the procedure your physician scheduled. As with any medical procedure, if unforeseen circumstances should arise during the procedure, it may be necessary for the physician to perform additional or different procedures and/or to use more/less expensive supplies or implants. The use of implants and/or the difference in procedures may cause the estimate to vary significantly. However, it is understood that final gross charges and patient responsibility will depend on actual services provided and may or may not exceed the original estimate.

In accordance with Florida Law, upon verbal or written request Cypress Creek Outpatient Surgical Center will provide the patient in writing or by electronic means a good faith estimate of the facility’s anticipated gross charges based on the patient’s procedure(s) as indicated by the physician to treat the patient’s condition within seven (7) business days of the request (if a patient is insured, the contracted insurance rates will supersede the gross charges estimate).

In addition to our facility fee, you may receive separate bills for the following services:

  • Your physician or surgeon
  • Anesthesia
  • Laboratory tests, if they were required by your physician
  • Pathology, if tissues or specimens were removed during surgery
  • Durable medical equipment

Any questions regarding these services should be directed to these respective billing offices.

For your convenience, we accept Master Card, Visa, personal checks from a local bank with a picture ID, and cash. Please note there is a $25.00 fee for checks returned to the facility for insufficient funds.

Our Business Office staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding insurance coverage or billing procedures. Please call (954) 458-1689.

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Why choose CCOSC?

  • A state-of-the-art multispecialty ambulatory medical facility
  • The most advanced technology and the latest minimally invasive techniques
  • High-quality care in a friendly and stress-free setting
  • Talented and experienced physicians
  • Highly trained and professional staff
  • Convenient location

While the national average of patient satisfaction at surgical centers is at 92% and hospitals are at 84%, our patient satisfaction is at 97.2%. This is because our center has highly dedicated and friendly staff and top-notch physicians in the industry.

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